Day County Conservation District has created this website to provide individuals with information about Day County, the service the district provides, and ways we can conserve our natural resources for years to come. Each link below will open up in Acrobat Reader.
Lake Levels
Northeast Glacial Lakes Project
Planting Bare-Root Trees
Best Way to Plant Bare-Root Trees(one page flyer)
Tree Calculator
Butterfly House plans
Planting A Container Tree
Garden Recommenations Pesticides and Fungicides
What to do about Flood Damaged Trees
Chlorosis—Yellowing of Shade Trees
Weed Control on CRP Plantings
Lawn Weed Control
Noxious Weed Control
Shelterbelt Weed Control
Tree Pruning
Fireblight on trees
Hedge Shearing
Managing Plant Diseases in the Home Garden
Rain Garden Manual for Homeowners
Selecting Plants for Pollinators
Apple scab
How to Prune Trees
Information on planting Warm Season Grasses between Tree Rows
 Websites to provide you with information on trees
ND Tree Handbook
Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest
Bailey Nursery tree descriptions
Contact Information
Day County Conservation District
600 E Hwy 12 Suite 1
Webster, SD  57274
Tree shed address:
43423 143rd Street
Webster, SD  57274