Perennials and Grasses

Grass Descriptions–Click on the name for further information
Big Bluestem: Native tall grasses. Turkey foot seedheads.
Bluegrama: Native. Short, drought tolerant plant that produces interesting eyebrow seedheads.
Buffalograss: Native. Short grass for the prairie gardens.
Canada Wildrye: Native. Cool season with whimsical drooping seedheads. Easy to grow.
Feather Reed Grass: A cool season bunch grass.
Indiangrass: Native. Produces seeds in large fluffy panicles.
Little bluestem: Native. Grows 1-3 feet tall. Bunchgrass.
Prairie Cordgrass:Native tall grass for wet sites.
Prairie Dropseed: Produces nearly circular tufts of fine leaves. Native.
Rice grass: Native. Cool season bunchgrass.
Sideoats grama: Native. Seeds hang alonge one side of the flower stalks.
Sweetgrass: Native. Cool season. Grows 1-3ft.
Switchgrass: Native. Tall warm season grass. Grows 3-5 feet. Turns golden yellow in fall.
Virginia Wildrye: Grows 2-3 feet. Shade tolerant.
Golden Alexanders: Yellow umbrella shaped flowers.
Heath Aster: Native. Daisy looking flowers.
New England Aster: Purple flowers with yellow centers.
Smooth Blue Aster: Native. Grows 1 1/2′ to 3′ tall.
Wild Bergamot: Native. Large pink to lavendar flowers.
Button Blazing Star: Prefers average to dry soils. Blooms late summer to fall.
Dotted Blazing Star: Native. Attractive purple flowers
Meadow Blazing Star: Native, Monarch Butterfly magnet.
American Columbine: Red to orange bell shaped flowers.
Narrowleaf Coneflower Purple: Native. Also known as Black Samson.
Prairie Upright Yellow Coneflower: Yellow flowers drooping petals.
Yellow Coneflower: Native. Attracts bees and butterflies.
Flax, Appar: Small light blue flowers.
Coral Bells ‘Ruby Bells’: Attracts butterflies. Intense red flowers.
Siberian Iris: Good landscape plant. Beautiful violet blue flowers.
Culver’s Root: Native. Excellent plant for rain garden. Prefers moist soil. Grows 5′
Joe Pye Weed: Native. Fuchsia colored flower.
Leadplant: Native. Compound gray leaves with purple flower spikes.
Lady’s Mantle: Foliage is soft green.
Mexican Hat: Native. Drooping petals with upright central cone.
Butterfly Milkweed: Tangerine orange blooms.
Swamp Milkweed: Native. Pink red flowers. Monarch butterfly caterpillars feed on swamp milkweed.
Pasque Flower: Native. South Dakota state flower.Delicate cup shaped lavendar flowers.
Pasqueflower, Hybrid: Larger deeper purple blooms than the native pasque.
Shell leaf Penstemon: Native. Bumblebee favorite.
Purple Prairie Clover: Native. Bright lavender flowers.
Purple Prairie Clover,Bismarck: Native. Bright lavender flowers.
Silky Prairie Clover: Native. Light pink to rose flowers.
White Prairie Clover: Native. White flowers.
Prairie Smoke: Native. Produces feathery seedhead which looks like smoke.
Prairie Turnip: Native. Also known as breadroot scurfpea.
Rudbeckia, Goldstrum:Golden yellow daisy like flowers with dark brown center.
Purple Meadow Rue: Native. Thalictrum dasycarpum.
Russian Sage: Spikes of lavendar flowers with grayish green leaves.
Salvia: Dense spikes of deep violet. Attracts pollinators
Sedum: Spectacular autumn display. Attracts butterflies.
Maximilian Sunflower: Native. Showy yellow flowers. Grows 3-6 feet.
Stiff Sunflower: Native. Grows 1-4 feet. Yellow flowers.
Yucca: Native. Cream colored flower panicle.
Bells of Gold Daylily: Early bloomer.
Chicago Apache Daylily: Scarlet red petals.
Frans Hals Daylily: Bicolor flowers with orange and bright red.
Hyperion Daylily: Lemon yellow blossoms.
Ice Carnival Daylily: Large fragant white flowers.
My Melinda Daylily: Rosy pink flowers with yellow center.
Prairie Wildfire Daylily: Fragant red daylily.
Rocket City Daylily: Orange yellow flower with burnt orange eye.
Spellbinder Daylily: Early bloomer.
Stella De Oro Daylily:Americas most popular daylily.
Yellow Daylily: Largest blooms! Very fragrant.
Tawny Daylily: Grandma’s favorite! Very hardy.
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