Lake and Stream Ecology Workshop

Lake and Stream Ecology Workshop
The Day County Conservation District staff will host a 2-3 day workshop at Custer’s Outlaw Ranch and NeSoDak Camp on Enemy Swim Lake. 
 Lake and stream Ecology, an adventure learning about what is in our lakes and streams and what it means!!!
The stream ecology unit of the workshop will include:

  • collection of stream invertebrates,
  • demonstrations of sampling equipment, 
  • simple stream assessment techniques 
  • water quality measurements.
The lake ecology unit will include collection of invertebrates in several types of shoreline habitats and simple water quality measurements.
 Following the collection of stream and lake invertebrates, the group will sort, identify, and classify the organisms according to their pollution tolerance. Participants will use the collected invertebrates to assess the ecological health of the stream and lake.
 Additionally, the Introduction to the bioassessment form that is used to evaluate water quality and ecological health of water bodies will be examined.If you are interested water quality contact the Day County Conservation District for further information.
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