Land and Range Judging

Land and Range events are open to all students enrolled in agricultural classes. These events teach students about the land and how to make the land better suited for animals and humans. Goals of these events are

  1. to teach students to care about the land
  2. to teach them to identify plants and soils
  3. to get students involved in the environment

Objectives of the events are:

  1. Land judging–teaching land classification so they are more equipped to make decisions concerning the use and management of the land.
  2. Range judging—providing the students an understanding of rangeland resources and the management of the land.
Procedures for Judging–Range
  • Identify the ecological site to determine what the site is and how to manage the land
  • Similarities index to identify how close to virgin prairie the land is
  • Plant identification
Procedures for Judging—Land
  • Identify the observed properties including texture, top soil depth, past erosion, slope, and stoniness of the soil
  • Indentify the interpreted properties including permeability, surface runoff, limiting factors, and land capability of the soil.
2015 Contest was held September 30
2015 Results
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Click on the links below for the judging books.
Range Book
Land Judging
Homesite Judging