Stewardship Week

Conservation of our nation’s natural resources is important in every community.
You might be wondering:
  • What is conservation?
    Conservation is careful management of the environment and of our natural resources.
  • What is a habitat?
    A habitat is the place where a plant, animal or other small organism lives because it is adapted to find food, water, shelter, and space.
  • What is a habit?
    A habit is something we do frequently or do automatically and can be difficult to stop.  Some habits are not good, like throwing litter out car windows. But through working to improve our environment, you can develop good habits that will last your entire lifetime and inspire others around you. Develop your conservation habits so they become second nature and increase healthy habitats in your community.

Healthy habitats include native plants, water features such as ponds, wetlands and rain gardens.  Planting native trees along stream banks to stabilize the soil, preventing soil erosion or planting native plants to attract pollinators makes you a good citizen and good steward of the land.

Pollinators are an important part of a healthy habitat.  When hummingbirds visit flowers, they feed on the nectar and pollinate the flowers, which allows plants to produce fruits and seeds.  To maintain its calorie intake, a hummingbird can visit between 1,000 to 3,000 flowers a day.

Most of the flowering plants we need and enjoy are pollinated by insects.  When the populations of pollinating creatures start to shrink, many plants either produce fewer seeds or no seeds at all.  When pollinating creatures start disappearing, plants start disappearing. Pollinators aren’t just annoying insects; they are an important part of the web of life that we all depend upon for survival.  Over 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants wouldn’t survive if it weren’t for pollinators.  Providing habitat areas will help increase the pollinator population.

Contact Information
Day County Conservation District
600 E Hwy 12 Suite 1
Webster, SD 57274
Tree shed address:
43423 143rd Street
Webster, SD 57274
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